what are Sanskrit mantras Vedanta and yoga from sanskrit The language of the Vedas, scripture believed to have been channeled directly from the Divine Source; Sanskrit has a poetic beauty and grammatical complexity beyond any language of history. Few of us will have time to master Sanskrit without a decade's devoted study, but the good news is that its beauty and usefulness for spiritual practice is available to all, after even just a little tuition.

Sanskrit is a true wonder of human history, giving us concepts that are almost untranslatable in English. It can sometimes require a whole paragraph to elucidate the meaning of a single Sanskrit word, and even then the translation will be in dispute among scholars! This is the reason why the study of Sanskrit is unending in its joys and discoveries, from the very moment you take it up.

Sanskrit for Yoga Teachers

Yoga teachers and dedicated Yoga practitioners should be sure to master the basic pronunciation and transliteration system of Sanskrit, in order to competently lead mantra chanting in their yoga classes and personal practice.

Sanskrit training and mantra coaching is available at Kairali Yoga’s Advanced Yoga and Academic Retreats at The Ayurvedic Healing Village, the ideal place of study for Yoga students and scholars of Indian philosophy.

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