Meditation Coach and Spiritual Entrepreneur

Meditation Guru / Yoga Instructor

Meditation Coach and Spiritual Entrepreneur Well-known in the UK as the entrepreneur behind one of the industry’s first spa and retreat directories, Meditation Guru / Yoga Instructor sustains a family lineage of meditation practice and publicity work going back sixty years. Raised in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition, Meditation Guru / Yoga Instructor's has been centrally involved in the English Sangha Trust since his grandfather co-founded the organisation in 1956. He maintains an impressive contribution to the propagation of meditation worldwide, playing key advisory roles in such events as the Brahma Kumaris’ ‘Just a minute’ international launch at Wembley arena, and organizing countless wellbeing events over his two decades of experience in the health business.

Having achieved great success in creating a career around his passion in life, Meditation Guru / Yoga Instructor most valued role is that of Meditation Teacher. With 27 years’ experience of traditional Buddhist Vipassana meditation, his therapeutic spiritual training includes 18 years study of Taoism and the I Ching, as well as 7 years concentrated practice in an Advaita Vedanta community. Always maintaining strong links with ‘the world outside the inner space’ he works closely with the area of corporate wellbeing as well as cutting-edge scientific research on the brainwave patterns initiated by meditation. The depth and variety of Meditation Guru / Yoga Instructor's experience make him an exceptional meditation teacher; offering clients the chance to integrate meditation and mindfulness into their daily life, through coaching techniques tailored precisely to their needs.

Meditation Guru / Yoga Instructor offers courses in Samatha Vipassana(calm insight meditation), open-eyed Drishti meditation, and other kinds of internal visualization work designed to bring focus, relaxation and clarity into his students’ daily life. Available to teach private or group courses at our retreat center in Kerala, India; Meditation Guru / Yoga Instructor excels at creating a meditative environment for you to establish or develop your own practice.

Contact us to learn more about courses in Buddhist meditation, open-eyed Drishti meditation, eight-stage courses in the exclusive Diamond Heart meditation, life-coaching and corporate workshops including ‘Wellbeing in the Workplace’ and ‘Focus the Mind, Empower the Moment’.

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