Company Ethos

Retreat, where authentic Yoga along with Ayurveda is offered. Kairali Yoga believes that successful growth means far more than financial profit. The message of both Yoga and Ayurveda requires an appreciation of community and the recognition that we all form parts of a natural whole. Kairali’s commitment to health, peace and community can be seen in every part of their business practice, from the company’s ethos to their numerous charitable endeavors.

Modern Education in Indian Philosophy

The leaders of Kairali Ayurvedic Group are in no doubt that education is the key to a healthy lifestyle, as well as the ethical progress of humanity. As such, their mission has been clear from the start: to uphold the authentic principles of Ayurveda in order to meet the changing needs of the modern world. This means a comprehensive approach which understands health and harmony as the ultimate goal of all human endeavor. When you come to study Yoga in India with Kairali, you will benefit from the ancient lessons of Yoga and Ayurveda transmitted through modern therapeutic practices and a forward-thinking approach to education.

Total wellbeing in individuals, the environment and the global community are aims that can be met by the proper adaptation of India’s ancient philosophy to meet modern health and educational needs. Kairali’s Managing Directors are firm in their belief that these needs should have no limitations concerning class or wealth, and provide free healthcare to the economically disadvantaged from their Kerala Treatment Centers.

Community support in Kerala

Corporate Social Responsibility by Kairali where we supply organic herbal remedies Kairali Ayurvedic Group has initiated numerous social and charitable programs in the state of Kerala; the place of our home and roots. From the beginning, it has been of prime importance to us that we should give much more than we take from our local community; as such, our charitable outreach programmes are designed to serve a range of vital needs in the surrounding population.

We sponsor local schools and hospitals, provide free healthcare, education and skills training, as well as support for farmers, in an unending commitment to local integration. This is the reason that guests at our Ayurvedic Healing Village will see that over 90% of our staff are sourced from the local area. We always welcome the involvement of our guests and business partners in our charitable projects and are happy to take interested visitors out to the local community to participate in the work we are doing in Kerala.

Organic agriculture and sustainability at our Ayurvedic Retreat Center.

Kairoil used for Head Massage at Ayurvedic Spa. Kairali Ayurvedic Group demonstrates their commitment to living in harmony with nature by maintaining a number of environmental and sustainability projects. Our ethical Yoga center in Kerala uses a vermiculture system and recycling plant to ensure quality organic herbal remedies for our Ayurvedic Treatments. The use of CFL lights and state-of-the-art power generator has cut the center’s carbon footprint by 40%, making The Ayurvedic Healing Village one of the leading sustainable spas in India.

We are equally committed to sustainable manufacture, and our factory in Pollachai uses a 1.25MW windmill as a source of alternative energy. We will never compromise in our commitment to ethical business practices, and ensure the highest standards of quality control in the production of our herbal medicine.

Further Information

Full details of our charitable endeavours, environmental programs and commitment to quality control can be found on our Corporate Social Responsibility page.

Further information on our Company Ethos can be found in our Mission and Vision statements, which indicate the strength of our profile as an international voice of Ayurveda, and our successful advancement of authentic Indian health science around the world.

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