Mantras are Vedic verses of incredible poetic beauty, in perfect Sanskrit meter. When singing or chanting mantras you are tuning in to a community of millions for whom Vedic mantras have formed part of daily life for millennia. Not only this, but mantras are one of the easiest and most rewarding types of meditation, giving you a fixed anchor for concentration and an inspiring message in which to absorb your Self.

Using Mantras for Emotional Healing

resource for yogic vedic mantras at our yoga retreat indiaWhen reciting mantras, you will achieve incredible results if you meditate on their meaning with the right intention. With the Gayatri mantra, you are humbly asking for your higher intelligence to be directed towards the light. With the Mahamritunjaya mantra you are asking for fearlessness and fortitude against the threat of mortality. Such an approach to mantra meditation can help you cultivate a positive attitude and bring wonderful emotional rewards when practiced on a daily basis.

Whether you sing mantras during asana practice, internally repeat mantras in the mode of japa meditation, or attend havan ceremonies as prescribed in Vedic ritual, you are tuning in to the devotional energy of millions who have prayed before you. Hinduism is often superficially referred to as a religion of many Gods, but the nature of its theology is simply that we must connect with whatever aspect of God matches our temperament or needs. That is why the spiritual side of Yoga is so readily acceptable to those of all creeds, even that of atheism – quite simply, it is the effect on the peace and wellbeing of the individual that forms the purpose of Patanjali’s Yoga practices.

Using Mantra in Advanced Yoga and Tantra

The more advanced practice of mantra takes place within Tantric sadhana and Kriya Yoga, where bija (seed) syllables are used to activate the chakras and balance the five elements within the body. Such practices should be attempted by advanced practitioners only, and we look forward to inviting such practitioners to our Advanced Yoga and Tantra retreats.

Kairali Yoga provides facilities for Yoga and Vedanta retreats at The Ayurvedic Healing Village, and welcomes experts in the field to host Sanskrit study courses and mantra training in partnership with us.

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